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anCelinda's training has always been excellent, but the last session was even better; we started with a really useful review of the function of the heart, in preparation for the new defibrillator training. As Celinda said, she wasn't going to let us go until we were confident and competent, and we felt both! We also went through the whole CPR process thoroughly with baby, adolescent and adult dummies. (The last training I went on with one of the other top agencies was shockingly poor, with a dummy passed around on the table top, and any questions answered far more satisfactorily by other therapists on the course, rather than the trainer.) The review of health and safety was also thorough and promoted some interesting discussions, and the manual handling was excellent: it is so good having the space and equipment to really have a hands-on go - again, contrasting hugely with the other agency I recently trained with. (No equipment, no hands-on.)

It is not just the practical side that Celinda excels in, it is the whole attitude: I complained at the other training session I attended that if the trainer starts by down-playing the usefulness of the session, apologising for wasting our time, it is not the most enthusiasm conducing approach. Celinda recognises that as locums this is it: we don't get in-service training, we can't have a session with the ergo trainer when we're feeling abit rusty, and at the same time,as a trained therapist we are rightly expected to lead manual handling. So it's vital that our yearly training is good and leaves us 'confident and competent', as Celinda says. It was great to have a group of all OTs too - great to all be on the same wavelength (no offense physios!)

It was a really enjoyable useful day - how often do you say that about mandatory training?!

Occupational Therapist

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