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DBI just wanted to say and I trust you will pass this on to everyone. Thank you very much for everything and for helping me explore my chosen career in this way.
It took me 2 years on and off debating with myself if I should take the plunge into the Locum World and I am glad I did! I am especially glad that I am part of Care 4 Health. After speaking to you all on the phone and then finally meeting you all on Friday I am very confident that I am in good hands. I was reluctant for a lot of reasons to take the plunge sooner and of course I am still learning but this is something I have great pleasure in doing. You may all know by now why I decided to become a Locum, because I became too comfortable (bored) in my previous roles, became stuck and I wanted opportunities and challenges to reignite my feelings why I choose OT as a profession. My first post was a shock to the system but actually this is what I needed to motivate my learning even more!
Thank you all again. Really happy to be part of such a wonderful company. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Occupational Therapist

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