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I would like to mention that I thought the training was superb, it was one of the most thorough and interesting training days I've been to and it was so well presented. I have been to a few BLS training sessions before with other companies, and if I'm being honest I didn't leave feeling 100% confident in being able to carry out what they taught me.

With the Care4Health session I actually left feeling motivated but also confident that I would be able to perform Basic Life Support should the situation ever arise. I also valued the Moving and Handling session and learning about some the important Acts involved in healthcare, this was interesting and allowed for an excellent group discussion. I loved the fact that there was a lot of opportunity for discussion, and that the group size was small, it resulted in a much better learning experience and allowed everyone in the room to understand and expand on what was discussed. I left with a smile on my face, and I am super grateful that Care4Health has allowed me to join their team."
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