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Celinda dadHi all. How many of you are shocked and horrified at the news every morning as you are having your first cup of tea or coffee? I sometimes don’t watch the news because I despair at the terrible things I hear happening all over the world from chemical attacks in Syria to terrorist attacks in our own capital.

And yet, despite all of this terrible news, there is hope. As many of you might know from previous blogs and news, my 91 year old Dad has gone blind through severe glaucoma. He has been having two hourly treatment which I and other sisters have been managing in 24/7 care. A recent trip to a local store brought hope in challenging times that touched my heart. My Dad wears a cap that says what he is – World War II Veteran. A woman came up to us as we sat on a bench waiting for my mother to finish wandering around the shop and asked if Dad was indeed a War veteran. He said yes and told her where he was stationed and that he was responsible for releasing the prisoners of Auschwitz, and I saw on his lined face the recall of the horrors he witnessed. This lovely stranger chatted for quite a while with real interest in Dad’s war-time history. The lady thanked him for serving the country and left only to come back minutes later with a bouquet of beautiful spring flowers which she presented to my Dad with a big thank you. Dad couldn’t see the flowers, but his voice cracked as he thanked her. “I’ve never been given flowers before.” Dad hugged her, she kissed his cheek, and she left again for the second time. I held Dad’s hand which shook with emotion. I am attaching a photo of this precious moment. There will always be bad news and terrible things happening the world over, but there will always be love and kindness as well as hope, and sometimes from people you don’t know.

I want to be like that lady who took time to speak to a stranger to find out about them and to be open to offering random acts of kindness.

I don’t have time to speak to all you every week – this goes to thousands of Allied Health Professionals, but I would like to make an offer to all of you including those wonderful locums currently working for us.

We are constantly striving to improve our customer service, training, compliance, recruitment, etc. so with that in mind, I am offering 24 FREE places on a Breakaway Training Day with a qualified Breakaway Trainer on the 2 June 2017. We have 4 places left so if you’re interested please let me know. The course is certified through GSA so this is a perfect course for people working in mental health or those of you who would find this useful to support a move into working in mental health.

If you are interested in attending please email to register for the course. To avoid drop-outs we are asking for a fully refundable deposit of £50. If you cancel within 48 hours of the course date you will lose the deposit UNLESS we can’t find another healthcare professional to fill your FREE place. I don’t want to waste a single place on this exciting course.

Have a great weekend.

Celinda x

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