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yellow ribbon"For Evil to Prevail"

What a sad week for the family of the lovely and talented Alice Gross. I, along with millions of others across Britain, watched the news for updates and news of Alice Gross’ disappearance. We heard her heart-broken parents begging her to come back home, saying that they loved her and “they desperately miss her”. We heard a runner in the Ealing Half Marathon saying that if it were possible to wish Alice back, she would be here. Yellow ribbons bounced on the chests of a large number of runners during this race as a sign of support and hope that she would return safe and unharmed. They still blow across the streets of the London Borough of Ealing as well as many other streets and houses across the UK.

The horror of what Alice’s family have yet to face is still there – the cause of death, the search, capture and conviction of her murderer. I hope it helps, even just a little, that the people of Hanwell in West London were hugely supportive and genuinely concerned – offering help with searching, tying yellow ribbons, prayer vigils in local churches, putting up posters and now sadly taking them down. People all over Britain have left (or even put) up yellow ribbons as a sign of solidarity.

“For evil to prevail, good men do nothing”. If you have a spare moment, please would you offer up a prayer, thought, hope, a yellow ribbon – anything that will unite us as a country in saying that we won’t tolerate this kind of crime, that justice will be done and that we won’t shy away from standing up to this kind (or any kind) of evil.

Sending you good wishes for safe and peaceful weekend,


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