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sippy cupEggs and AHPs


My partner phoned me on the way to work this morning to ask if I was listening to Radio 2. I wasn’t. I was busy listening to the sounds of silence. It’s a rare treat for me to be in silence so I was enjoying it.

An article grabbed his interest. He asked if I could imagine what the first person would have thought when he/she saw an egg pass out of the backside of a chicken!!! My son would love to have heard him say ‘bum’. It’s such a boy kind of word. ‘And imagine,’ he continued, ‘when he found out you could boil it and have a three minute egg!’ I have to admit that the person who discovered a chicken passing an egg may not have been the same person that discovered the delights of a 3 minute egg (or eggs benedict for that matter), but I humoured him.

He went on to say that his discovery last night of balsamic vinegar on gently sautéed tomatoes and red pepper, as delightful as it was, was the reason we needed creative people. He reminded me that I shrieked when he poured a generous quantity of balsamic vinegar on the tomatoes.

That got me thinking... I thought that the discovery of the first egg and its many uses and balsamic vinegar on sautéed tomatoes are the very reasons that we need Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, etc.

Please don’t give up on me just yet. I’m getting to the point. We need people who aren’t afraid to be creative, who aren’t afraid to try something new even when someone is rubbishing their ideas – whether it’s healthcare, science, business, manufacturing, cooking or any other sector. We need people who have the confidence to say, ‘OK, this might be new - perhaps nobody has tried this, but I think it will work. I’ve thought around it, and I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.’ Innovation is sometimes about doing just that. It’s thinking outside the box. It’s about being daring (within reason) and it’s daring to leave behind tried and tested methods to find a new path, a new way to find a solution or a useful product.

I think of how well placed our locum Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech and Language Therapists are to find new and creative solutions to problems, to invent new products, to invent new ways of rehabilitating people. Just yesterday I started a discussion on the Care4Health – UK wide Allied Health Professional, Social Worker and Nursing jobs (linkedin) about a Speech and Language Therapist who started a pilot project to create an app that provides patients with a more personalised speech and language therapy programme. I’m calling on anyone reading this to tell me about their innovations. Wasn’t it an Occupational Therapist who invented the curved spoon and fork for children or older people with fine motor issues? Wasn’t it a physiotherapist who invented the original Theraband? If I’m wrong please tell me. Here at Care4Health we debated over who invented the sippy cup? I thought it was an Occupational Therapist, but apparently it was a mechanical engineer! Where’s Myth Busters when you need them?

That’s food for thought! Speaking of food... have you ever tried balsamic vinegar on sautéed tomatoes with thinly sliced red pepper? Go on, try it. It’s lovely. You can always try it with a poached egg.

I hope you have a creative and fun weekend!

Celinda x

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