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Blog from the Heart

Last week when I was preparing this week’s blog, I googled top 10 business bloggers. The list was impressive and I followed up the authors that most appealed to me. They are self-made business leaders with a cultivated and well-honed skill for blogging and offering oodles of advice for making businesses successful. I was left with few thoughts as to how I could make my blog more interesting or relevant to my locums, whether they are Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Dietitians or Nurses etc. I am going to throw all of the professional bloggers’ advice to the wind (for today) and blog straight from the heart.

On a daily basis we are bombarded with things to learn, ways to improve, goal setting, prioritising, strategies for business success - you get the idea. And sometimes all that is needed is simply ‘to be’.

I am rubbish at just being. This week had the potential to be a wonderful week with my best friend – my sister - and her lovely husband having come from the states for a week of non-stop activities, culminating in a weekend in London. They last visited London 16 years ago so things had moved on a pace and they were thrilled to see the sights. I found it very hard to just be. I checked my phone and emails regularly. I did the banking and payroll. My partner and I took them to some fantastic places. In a week that I should have been off work, I worked. I diluted my precious time with family and friends to work. There’s one more thing I need to improve on – I need to learn to just be with the people that matter.

As many of you know, Care4Health has been my business for the last 23 years, and yet like all successful businesses, it must continually go through infancy, childhood and maturity, but it must never get to ‘old age’. The moment the business gets to maturity, like people, it begins to decline so you have to keep innovating to keep the business growing and fresh. It can’t remain in stasis or it will die.

Relationships are the same. You can let them reach maturity, but not old age and decline. Isn’t that the art of relationships? The moment you let that relationship go stale, you forget to appreciate the people you love, it begins to decline. And yet, surely it is striking a balance between learning to just ‘be’ so that you can enjoy those precious moments that you would otherwise miss in the busy-ness of life and keeping it young and fresh despite the onset of wrinkles and middle aged spread.

So how do we achieve that? I think variety in our daily lives is key. It is easy as a business owner to work from sunrise to well beyond sunset, and believe me when I say I have done that and got the badge over and over again. But do that frequently enough and you are left with family and friends around you that you don’t know – they become strangers in your home because you spend so little time with them. They become objectives in your daily schedule rather than people to love and cherish. I think the ‘work hard, play hard’ theory can be tweaked to be work hard, make fun and learn the art of being.

I hope you all have a great weekend, making fun and just being with those you love.

Celinda x


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