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Charity Begins at Home

I’m always impressed with people who regularly raise money and give of their time to charities that they feel passionate about. Some people spend the majority of their life time raising money or working as volunteers. I think most of British charities are run by volunteers! Correct me if I am wrong.

A few years ago, St Richard’s Hospice in Worcester were raising money to build a well-planned, well organised and beautifully designed hospice that would enable them to put the comfort and life of their patients at the heart of everything they do. I visited the old St Richards and became involved with their fund raising. Care4Health were able to make a substantial donation to pay for the ‘Sacred Space’, a gentle place for people of all faiths to find comfort and peace.

St Richard’s have made great strides forward since then and while they are an incredible charity and well worth supporting, they are very well supported by local business patrons and individuals alike. I continue to support them through attendance at fund-raisers.

I am now looking for another charity to support so would love to hear about the charities you support and why you support them. Please email on with your ideas.

Have a great weekend.

Celinda x





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