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images6BSAEMLRWe cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are

I’ve been present in the office but absent from blogging for a while. Change is a wonderful thing! So many of us are frightened, worried, apprehensive about change, but change is one of those essential things for growth and development. Care4Health have been growing and developing over the last year and if you’re one of our locums who visits us regularly, you’ll have seen some of those changes.

The most significant change recently has been the addition of new staff. AHPs are very friendly and I know that you’ll want to welcome our new staff – and I know that you’ll be understanding and patient (possibly even sympathetic since I am doing the training) with them while they go through their rigorous training.

When you have a moment please phone us on 01905 642 500 and introduce yourself to Andy Stephens, Sinead Fitzgerald and Julie Roberts and tell them more about what you do – I know I’m biased, but they’re lovely people. They are laying their foundation of knowledge during these early weeks of intensive training in the roles of the different AHP sectors and Social Workers in the NHS and Local Authorities. You may be speaking to them in the next few weeks as they work their way through our database to update your files or to tell you about some of the many jobs we are trying to fill.

Another change is that our training suite is now in one huge office where we have our hoist, profiling bed, small aids, moving and positioning equipment and, of course, our resuscitation ‘dummies’. If you are interested in using our online training, we are now opening that up to candidates who aren’t currently working for us. Please phone us on 01905 642 500 to ask us about this.

Recruitment, compliance, payroll and invoicing are now upstairs in newly painted offices, and we have a private interview room where we can carry out face to face interviews.

We’ve just completed our business disaster recovery plan and I’m happy to say that whatever happens, Care4Health is business as usual. We are all office based at our Care4Health offices but we can now access our data and phones remotely should we need to.

We have just completed our ‘green’ environmental reforms and now generate our own electricity for our office use and sell excess electricity to the national grid – I can’t tell you how great that feels. We have also installed renewable heating so all rooms are now a very comfortable year round 20.5 degree centigrade and better still - no more stolen oil! Our recycling continues as usual with 100% of paper, plastic and toner waste being recycled.

When change comes knocking on your door – just take a big breath, smile and say ‘come on in’ – it won’t be as bad as you think and it will more than likely bring growth and development.

I hope you have a sunshiny weekend.

Celinda x

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