Band 6
Community Health

B6 Physiotheraphy

Ref: 234| Posted: 21st Jan 2020

We are looking for a B6 Physiotherapist in the Hertfordshire area to work full time Monday to Friday with an immediate start. 


Responsibilities include: 

  • To provide Physiotherapy to patients within the Integrated ICT and Community Nursing Teams.
  • To provide assessment and treatment for vulnerable patients with complex needs, patients in crisis, preventing hospital admissions or those coming home from intermediate care bed based.


Duties and responsibilities include: 

  1. To act as the patient’s advocate throughout their rehabilitation programme and enable patient’s empowerment through the process.
  2. To communicate complex patient related information effectively.  To ensure collaborative working with the multidisciplinary team members across health and social care sectors and all members of the Trust ensuring the delivery of a co-ordinated multidisciplinary service.
  3. To use a range of verbal and non-verbal communication skills to communicate effectively with patients to progress rehabilitation and treatment programmes, and to ensure an understanding of their diagnosis so that patients are supported in self management of their condition.
  4. To use communication skills of persuasion, motivation, empathy, tact, explanation and gaining informed consent with a wide variety of vulnerable patients, within often highly sensitive situations.
  5. To identify barriers to effective communication that will regularly be evident including: cognitive impairment, expressive and receptive communication difficulties, embarrassment, anxiety, pain, fear and visual/hearing impairments; to develop and implement strategies to overcome these barriers.
  6. To use communication skills to address language and culture diversity issues.
  7. To maintain accurate and up to date documentation in line with legal requirements and communicate assessment and treatment results to the appropriate disciplines.
  8. To act as an advisor on professional and clinical issues.
  9. To be able to communicate effectively with relatives and carers regarding patient care and progress with the consent of the patient involved.
  10. To facilitate good communication between the Integrated ICT and Community nursing team members via regular team meetings, verbal and written reporting.


If you read this far and this job is ticking all the boxes for you, then let me know if you are the person I am looking for and click on the APPLY button or send your CV at jobs@care4healthuk.com or phone 01905 642500.