Band 6
Community Health
London - Inner

Band 6 Speech and Language Therapist

Ref: 68| Posted: 9th Dec 2019

We are looking for an enthusiastic Band 6 Speech and Language Therapist who likes a new challenge. 

Speech is amazing and so are you for helping patients overcome their difficulties, because to say a phrase, research suggest that about 100 muscles of the chest, neck, jaw, tongue and lips must collaborate. This takes coordination of many more neurons than necessary for contracting the muscles in an athletes’ foot. 

For doing such a rewarding job, you deserve the time to relax and visit London's attractions after work. 

If you read this far and this job is ticking all the boxes for you, then let us know if you are the person we are looking for and click on the APPLY button or send your CV at jobs@care4healthuk.com or phone us at 01905 642500.