Band 7
Acute Health

Band 7 MRI Radiographer

Ref: 65| Posted: 6th Jan 2020

We are looking for a Band 7 MRI Radiographer who wants a new challenge, to improve skills and the opportunity to network with other health professionals.  This job is 3 days a week, which will give you greater work-life balance. 

Did you know that Raymond Damadian created the first MRI full-body scanner, which he nicknamed the Indomitable? 

What other interesting aspects can you tell us about your career? We always take time to listen to our locum workers' stories. 

Not just work stories but also about the places you visit, for example by choosing this job, you will work in Nottinghamshire which has a multitude of stunning places but also the largest oak in England which is said to have been the hideout of Robin Hood. 

If you read this far and this job is ticking all the boxes for you, then let us know if you are the person we are looking for and click on the APPLY button or send your CV at jobs@care4healthuk.com or phone us at 01905 642500.