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Microbiology Consultant

Ref: 139| Posted: 3rd Dec 2019

Microbiologists can be needed in any part of the hospital, therefore it is less likely to fall into a job routine so you will have various tasks to keep you  engaged and  happy at work. 

Are you willing to take a step further in your career? Then give us a call, we are always thrilled to hear about your work preferences or your brilliant ideas for promoting measures to prevent and control the spread of diseases – both in hospitals and among the general public. 

Microbes are so tiny, over a million in a teaspoon of soil. They make up more than 60 % of the Earth’s living matter and scientists estimate that 2-3 billion species share the planet with us. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for Microbiologists like you. 

If you read this far and this job is ticking all the boxes for you, then let me know if you are the person I am looking for and click on the APPLY button or send your CV at jobs@care4healthuk.com or phone Simone at 01905 642500.