Working with Local Authorities

We work with people like you who face waiting list, CQC, and financial challenges.

Over the last 30 years, we have worked with Local Authorities who are facing these same challenges. Waiting lists can be very demoralising for staff and there often seems no way out but to take on costly staff, but we find that doesn’t fix the problem.

We work with clients whose waiting list ranges from 200 cases up to over 1000 cases. We build a team of OTs to fit your timescales and waiting list size.

The demand might change during the course of the project, and we can quickly adapt it to fit.


What we Offer

We offer waiting list assessments for minor and major adaptations, single-handed care reviews, statutory reviews as well as specialist and one/off assessments.

We assemble a team of OTs who have a proven track record of successfully carrying out the same kind of assessments that you need and get them ready to work with your case management system, your processes, and your quality assurance guidelines. These OTs understand the importance of excellent customer service and strive to be clear and patient communicators. The OTs are fully compliant with our stringent employment checks and can take on regular weekly assessments/reviews.

From the first discovery call/meeting, you will be working with an office-based account manager or Director who will oversee the project to ensure consistency, quality, and timeliness of our service delivery.


Measuring Results

Our bespoke packages are designed to deliver measurable results, providing you with the metrics to show the tangible impact of the project. We help eliminate inefficiencies, allowing you to operate with unmatched efficiency and effectiveness. 


Why Choose Care4Health?

  • We have a proven track record of supporting Local Authorities throughout the UK in a variety of projects with tangible positive outcomes.
  • Our Occupational Therapists are committed to providing the highest standard in assessments and review services and customer services for your customers.
  • We are solutions focused and recognise that each Local Authority is different – different problems, different team dynamics, different cohorts, different funding, and different objectives so we customize our solutions for you to align with your specific needs.
  • We offer a professional management team to meet with you regularly to discuss the project’s progress, to share outcomes, and to find early solutions to pre-empt problems from arising.
  • We have endorsements to show that we can help your service reduce its spending.


What our Clients Say:

Care4Health is contracted with our council to deliver OT-led holistic strength-based reviews.

This has supported our commitment to reduce the number of outstanding social work reviews and improve our understanding of strength-based approaches to assessment.

I have been extremely pleased with the outcomes achieved through their practice, and the adaptability that has been demonstrated to adjust to different ways of working, particularly in completing Care Act-eligible reviews and reassessments.

The benefits of their support have included a reduction in the number of people waiting for planned reviews, a reduction in spend per head on commissioned services, and significant learning about embedding OT practices in Social Work assessment.” 

 We understand and believe in the power of collaborative working and outsourcing Occupational Therapy assessments is an effective way to tackle waiting lists, reduce spend, and offer your customers the service they deserve.


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